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How to begin to Reclaim your Child’s Future:

1. Fill out the form below.


2. We’ll send you a link to schedule an interview via phone or video conference.


3. We’ll send you the necessary forms and link to complete enrollment.


4. We’ll send you a link or forms for Diagnostic testing, and once we receive the results and consult again with you, we’ll prescribe where your child should begin.


5. We’ll send you materials and a link to take the Parent Orientation on a video conference, no worries. It’s short and sweet. (This is for all adults in the household.)


6. We’ll send you materials and a link to take the Home Educator’s Training on a video conference. This is for the Parent who will be guiding your children in their educational experiences. This is the “How to” training that pulls all the parts together and makes Homeschooling “do-able”.


7. We’ll send you everything you need to have a successful Homeschool each quarter. No guess work.


8. We’ll be available to you through several platforms for communication. Whatever it might be: All school events, requested training, or even “pop up questions” during the day.

Image by Anita Jankovic
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