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your child's future.


Waterbrooks Institute is a complete K-12 academic curriculum with a character-building, Biblical foundation. Using individualized learning methods, the Student’s mastery of a subject is the primary goal.

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Waterbrooks Institute was founded to help parents guide the education of their children at home with confidence.

Core Values

Christian worldview, primacy of the family, academic excellence, traditional values, and more. The Holy Scripture is our foundation.

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The year 2020 marked the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock. The picture below is of a portion of the National Monument of the Forefathers, commissioned in 1820 to commemorate the guiding principles of our Pilgrim Forefathers. Carved in granite, this lady's name is "Education." While personally seeing education in the context of the entire monument, it is clear that the lady is a learner, not a teacher. The knowledge is in the books, not the teacher. This explains why a library of more than 400 books was on the Mayflower with the 102 Pilgrims when it landed at Plymouth in the winter of 1620.

Motivations for home schooling are as individual and unique as your child:

• Can my child get a better education?

• My child is a quick learner and is bored at school.

• My child is struggling in some subjects and is behind.

• Bullying has gotten out of hand.

• What ever happened to traditional values?

• In a country founded for religious liberty, how is it that the Christian faith

is restricted at school?


Concerns about home schooling are usually centered in the parent's mind:

• How can I teach subjects that I do not know well?

• I am not sure where to start, or what a day of home learning would look like? Is there any validity to the “socialization” and “real world” arguments against home learning?

Beginning the home learning journey does feel a little like the Pilgrims may have felt as they boarded the Mayflower; hopeful but apprehensive. But history has proven so much good has resulted from their brave action. The Pilgrims did not journey alone. You do not have to journey alone either, as you partner with Waterbrooks Institute to guide, “your elite home school”.



Homeschooling – No Masks Required!! 


Not long ago, the wearing of masks used to bring to mind children wearing pretend masks during Halloween or just for role-playing. Seeing a person wearing a mask all the time in public was a very far-fetched idea in many cases.  


Boy, have times changed. Presently, the fear of catching COVID-19 has caused many people to push a mask mandate onto others, including our children.  


Now, the good news!! Since the parents of homeschoolers will decide if they want their children wearing masks or not, they can determine the best course of action for their children.  


Parents, you alone will determine what is best for your child: Mask or no mask!! The choice is yours.